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Marketing today is a multi-layered, data-driven discipline that can often be the key differentiator in business success and competitive edge.
Almost every business has MarTech. As you start to plan for 2024, does it offer a competitive edge or work against you?
Sales and marketing professionals in the IT channel have historically relied on a series of metrics that offered a reasonable picture of how demand generation activities were performing.
Before you plan your next marketing programme, get a taster of our full Business Readiness assessment and bench-marking audit.
The trend towards renting rather than owning is picking up pace in all aspects of life, more often becoming a lifestyle choice rather than a forced need. Whether it’s tech, homes, cars, getting your hands on something you want and need without the burden of long-term ownership, commitment and debt is becoming increasingly attractive.
Long before the Pandemic, buyers – especially those in the IT and Security sector – have become fatigued
There’s no doubt the way we all do business has changed. The impact of the pandemic varies massively from industry to industry and business to business. One thing’s for sure is business success in 2021 will be about doing a lot of the same things, more efficiently and with a keener eye on results. And being brave.
The cost of doing business is something we all need to keep in review and never more so than during these challenging times.
Those responsible for growing revenues could do with an energised and differentiated approach. Everyone is trying to determine what they can do better in the face of increased growth targets and decreasing performance.
B2B organisations in the IT & Security channel are recognising digital transformation isn’t just something they use to generate business for themselves, but is fundamental to the way they engage with their customers and ultimately, grow revenues.
If you are an IT and technology seller, you’d expect that such a high risk would drive investment and increase sales, but Episervers research suggests its not that simple.
The Amigos Network recently organised a series of end user Focus Group meetings with the aim of better understanding the buying environment in the IT and Security sector.
As our markets become more complex, we need to re-evaluate the way we approach sales and marketing
Ouch! It’s generally recognised that some of the traditional lead generation approaches have had their day. In recent buyer focus groups, we weren't prepared for the perception of disconnect they feel sellers have with them.


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