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The Amigos Network

A seamless, Managed Market-Making Service

There are over 40,000 companies in the UK selling IT & Security solutions, all competing for the attention of around the same number of medium-large enterprises


It's unsurprising buyers are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that heads their way every day.  These people want information, but they're time poor.  They want it, but want it fast and without endless emails and phone calls off the back of a simple request for information.


We're not saying the content's bad, asking them to attend an event, or to take a call is wrong, but sellers need to be important to them.  It starts with the trust built by being a valued resource that helps enrich their understanding of the offer in front of them.


So where does that leave our community of sellers?  Changes in buyer behaviour that's being driven by the digital economy dictates the need to build communities and build relationships within them.  Without access to all the professional sales and marketing resources, clever systems and intelligence they offer, it'll become more difficult to grow markets using the more traditional methods as time goes on.


We're offering two things

Managed market-making service

Firstly, ambitious sellers can now have access to professional, multi-disciplined resource and enterprise grade systems as a managed market-making service to engage buyers with their own brand.  Of course, an SLA guarantees results and a bespoke analytics dashboard offers absolute transparency at every step of the way.  This is the amigos network.


Information Hub

Secondly, we're building a community of buyers who become members of a hub containing resources where they can access all manner of content from every imaginable source, accessed in whatever way they prefer.  This is uniquely profiled and delivered to them based on their own preferences.  Because they choose who their friends are, this is called myamigos network. 


Our job is to bring the community of buyers and sellers together for mutual reward - no more quick flings, just making friends, with benefits.





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