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When is a lead, a lead?

An essential guide for B2B Marketing and Sales Leaders

Sales and marketing professionals in the IT channel have historically relied on a series of metrics that offered a reasonable picture of how demand generation activities were performing.

Buying processes have changed and have been changing for quite some time.

Many sellers are still applying the same logical criteria to lead evaluation they've done for years and believe they can pinpoint a clear handoff from marketing to sales. Even more critical is these metrics are used to predict pipelines which will quickly become skewed if inadequately informed by live data throughout the process.


What should be included in the demand creation process?

Every business is different in its approach.  Some expect to have a great sales conversation after just one digital interaction, others invest significantly in content creation, delivery channels and mar-tech, yet many still don't feel they're getting the best return on their investment.


What constitutes a "good lead"?

Again, one size doesn't fit all, and those operating a 2-tier sales model experience added complexity.  What we do know is, when all the marketing and sales components are aligned in harmony the end result offers a far greater ROI. 


What this e-Book offers

Insight into the requirements of modern demand-creation to help you achieve lead progression, warmer sales conversations and conversions.

1 When is a Lead a Lead? - What great MQLs and SQLs should look like!
2 A brand building VS lead generation – is there a difference?
3 Data – more valuable than oil
4 Content, content, content – from a buyers’ perspective
5 How does your budget perform? – are you making the most of it?
6 The role of MarTech – whether you’re a “have” or “have not”
7 Sales follow up – this is where the fight starts!
8 Market Activation™ - perfect leads
9 Lower cost per lead
10 Summary

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