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Using communities to drive new business

The way customers buy products and services has changed. No single individual makes a decision to purchase.

Decisions are made by buyer groups that mean sellers need to influence more stakeholders than ever before.

Because the internet offers a wealth of information, these buyer groups “self-serve” by researching what products and services do for them. Typically buyers have already made a decision on a technology purchase before they get to speak to a seller. This means content has to work harder if it’s being used to drive sales engagement.

Communities help inform buying decisions

Buyers don’t behave in a linear way. Sales and marketing teams can’t either any more. Even if you have elements of our service in-house, Market Activation™ offers a managed, programme-based approach with SLAs that make us accountable for results.

1. Community based demand creation

Within our existing shared environment, MYREDFORT, where tens of thousands of IT & Security professionals already engage.

Or we’ll create one especially for you and your partners, suppliers, investors, stakeholders like we do for Cloud Community.

2. Creating high-intent leads

We determine that every interaction is human. No vanity measurement of machine tracked engagement is included in the metrics we deliver.

Every digital engagement, dwell time on content from awareness through to engagement is reported.

3. For better informed sales conversations

Open the conversation with full knowledge of what buyers have engaged with over time, not just a single click in time.

Use the information to develop lasting relationships not quick flings, for improved conversion ratios.

4. Using a combination of technology and creativity

A sophisticated technology stack is the brain that sits behind the beating heart of marketing creativity. We can use your content or ours, but the results will be there for everyone to see.

5. All this delivered at a lower cost per lead.

We’re able to apply economies of scale to everything we do which means having access to MarTech expertise, software licenses, skills and resource from data analysts, content producers and event managers.

6. Vendors and Distribution with channel partners

Automated Channel Management™ offers the ability to amplify your brand and ROI through your sales channel and deliver a great return on your investment in MDF.

Market Activation™ Solution Brief

Some more detail about how we approach demand generation to get outstanding results.

For more information and a live demonstration of lead progression and pipeline visibility, please book some time with us to show you.

Get in touch

You can follow these links to our community sites here MYREDFORT and The Cloud Community, but they’re only half the story.

If you’d like a demonstration of how we drive lead progression and report for sales enablement you’ll need to request a callback by completing this form.

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Are you ready to improve your approach to demand creation in 2023?

We inform better sales conversations by delivering high-intent leads from our engaged buyer communities.

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You can follow these links to our community sites here MYREDFORT and The Cloud Community, but they’re only half the story.

If you’d like a demonstration of how we drive lead progression and report for sales enablement simply click the 'Book a Meeting' link.

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