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Meet the Team

We’re a group of marketing specialists with strong IT & Security sector experience who share a similar vision – to provide an alternative to the current sales and marketing model that's struggling to keep pace with the way businesses buy from us today.

Having worked together on many projects, we've experienced first-hand the challenges sellers face when trying to engage with buyers. We believe we can now offer a better solution.

Max Sherwood

Max helps businesses better understand their current landscape and provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools to increase service value, revenue potential.



Shelley Hirst

Shelley offers businesses access to experienced, professional marketing resource providing them with ideas, messaging, content, and operational marketing support.  



Steven Grosvenor

Steven is a specialist in marketing technology, providing the specification, build, integration and automation required for modern marketing delivery systems and analytics.

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Book your free marketing assessment and benchmarking audit
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You can follow these links to our community sites here MYREDFORT and The Cloud Community, but they’re only half the story.

If you’d like a demonstration of how we drive lead progression and report for sales enablement simply click the 'Book a Meeting' link.

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