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Managed Market-Making vs In-House 

Or a hybrid?

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As our markets become more complex, we need to re-evaluate the way we approach sales and marketing

Too often the disciplines are kept apart, placing unnecessary barriers and challenges between sustainable market growth and short-term objectives.


  • Our managed market-making service changes all this by bringing sales and marketing together in a seamless, end-to-end process for making markets.
  • This service isn't the only way to improve how you go to market, but is most effective.
  • One of the biggest arguments for in-house marketing is the transparency you gain by not having to deal with external processes and systems. Transparency is essential in today's digital markets and marketing automation makes this possible. The minute a third party is outside core systems there's loss of transparency.
  • Automation is a core service for us, providing full visibility of what we do and how we perform. We use multiple platforms to seamlessly manage everything, keeping you fully in the picture.
  • There’s a fine balance between control and accountability and we’re firm believers that the balance is in favour of the MM-MSP.
  • With marketing automation, control is far easier to maintain. However, there’s still a lot to do and keeping on top of an effective marketing programme is a constant challenge. A benefit of an MM-MSP is that we’re always accountable, taking ownership and responsibility for meeting targets, building value and delivering success.
  • A single monthly fee includes all the technology, disciplines and resources to deliver best-in-class execution that will deliver leads with significantly more value.
  • Our managed market-making gives you full transparency and control, takes ownership and accountability, uses best-in-class technology and provides all the resource you need.


It might surprise you to know we do all this for less than you could do it yourself. .

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