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Transparency and visibility for all

When you hand over marketing and demand generation £’s, it’s reasonable to expect measurement of what you’re going to get back in return.

In the modern world of marketing the majority of engagement occurs in the digital space. 


Forensic analysis is possible if the right mar-tech is designed and deployed. Yet even businesses with mar-tech in place, most only use a fraction of its capability due to lack of budget, licensing restrictions or enough skilled resource to use it.

All the mar-tech needed is included in the managed service


Our sophisticated systems report from the very beginning of the process when we assign target data – right to the point of pushing the lead through because it’s sales ready. Every digital action and interaction scores to build its high-intent status.

We don’t deal in vanity measurement


We work on the basis of excluding, rather than including, leads unless they perform in a certain way.  For example, opens don’t count unless they are validated as human interaction rather than machine driven.  Nor do clicks, unless they have an associated dwell time.  We also score negatively for inaction over a period.  These are just some of the measures we take to ensure that when a lead is "sales ready", it is just that.


When is a lead, a lead?

You decide.  At the start of our programme we establish what you're looking for and we sign up to a series of SLA's as part of that process.  We will report leads against certain criteria and you decide when to activate sales engagement with your team.

Alternatively, you can ask us to provide telemarketing resource to set appointments for you.


CRM reporting – ours to yours

You decide when a lead is a lead and can initiate lead transfer to your systems.  We can accommodate integrations and push lead notifications to the majority of mainstream CRM platforms. 

Alternatively, leads can also be downloaded directly from the system into Excel for upload by your administrators.


See it in action!

Take a demo to see how we report engagement from early to late stage intent, pipeline opportunity and where they sit in the sales process.  We'll also show you how sales teams access all the information relating to the contact's journey and how they can use it to open a warmer conversation.


Download our guide to see what we consider to be best-practice when presenting a 'sales-ready' lead







Market Activation

For brands

Net new leads from your community or ours

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Automated Channel Management

For 2-Tier sales channels

Designed to leverage partner relationships

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An essential guide for B2b Marketing and Sales Leaders
An essential guide for B2B Marketing and Sales Leaders

When is a lead, a lead?

Download the guide
Marketing Automation™
Marketing Automation™

Harmonising sales and marketing to achieve competitive advantage through MarTech

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