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Making content available in as many ways as possible is an important part of any demand creation programme.

Understanding what's important to individuals is part of the value community-led marketing brings. Communities thrive when information is offered in lots of different ways.


Some buyers prefer pictures over words, others like to listen.  They also have preferences as to where they view content and on what device.


We use a combination of social, direct social, email, video, events, and podcasts in our programmes.  Every channel is connected and managed via community pages so every engagement can be reported and measured against ROI in your programme.

Here's how we manage our content delivery channels

We offer buyer preferences as to how they wish to receive information.  We then monitor how they behave in our environment and report their intent as they progress through the process.


Bespoke management reporting for marketing and sales leaders

The data created is collected, managed, analysed, reported and made available to programme stakeholders.  It's viewed in dashboards created for marketing and sales stakeholders


See how the cost of community driven leads compare:

We state our average cost per lead is £45.  This is to produce, manage, create, deliver and report to the point of high-intent engagement, using these multiple delivery channels.

Download our guide which compares average costs per lead for different lead acquisition methods. 









Market Activation

For brands

Net new leads from your community or ours

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Automated Channel Management

For 2-Tier sales channels

Designed to leverage partner relationships

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An essential guide for B2b Marketing and Sales Leaders
An essential guide for B2B Marketing and Sales Leaders

When is a lead, a lead?

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Marketing Automation™
Marketing Automation™

Harmonising sales and marketing to achieve competitive advantage through MarTech

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