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Driving demand

A refreshing approach to lead generation as a managed programme

Community-based marketing (CBM) is a relatively new ‘buzz’ for many businesses in the IT Channel, but it’s a key component in building relationships with technology buyers to facilitate demand creation.

Through our communities, we help sellers build long-term relationships with buyers who want to hear about technologies that solve their problems. 

Give buyers the answers they need

The answers come from established technologies, new technologies, niche technologies, me too technologies, cheaper technologies, and cloud technologies, which contribute content to be used in our impartial environment. 


Be part of their decision-making early on


Wherever buyers are in their decision-making journey we help them towards their next step.  As a seller, we help you identify buyers looking for solutions and build relationships for the long term with prospects, and customers who want to know more about your brand.


Intent markers report what they’re looking for


We’ll tell your story to engaged buyers by building your presence and managing your outreach to our community.  We’ll track engagement, and offer forensic reporting using intent markers, pipeline visibility and ROI reports delivered from a single, easy-to-understand, dashboard.


Intelligent demand creation at scale


Our communities sit at the heart of our Market Activation™ programme and facilitate communication and engagement with buyers at scale.  This is delivered as a managed service for any business wishing to amplify its brand and create demand, whether for themselves or groups of key partners.


See them in action



Shared environment for multiple brands

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Cloud Community

Single customer environment

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Market Activation

For brands

Net new leads from your community or ours

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Automated Channel Management

For 2-Tier sales channels

Designed to leverage partner relationships

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An essential guide for B2b Marketing and Sales Leaders
An essential guide for B2B Marketing and Sales Leaders

When is a lead, a lead?

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Marketing Automation™
Marketing Automation™

Harmonising sales and marketing to achieve competitive advantage through MarTech

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You can follow these links to our community sites here MYREDFORT and The Cloud Community, but they’re only half the story.

If you’d like a demonstration of how we drive lead progression and report for sales enablement you’ll need to request a callback by completing this form.