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3 Amigos. Experienced. Creative. Results-driven.

Here, amigo, is just some of the work that makes us proud.

Our founding directors have collectively gained a wealth of experience delivering our individual expertise for those who’ve employed us over the years, as well more recently, running our own specialist consultancies.
This is what makes our core offer, Market Activation, so powerful. We draw on those experiences to bring our customers a unique set of skills they can deploy as they need it that makes us accountable for results.
Market Activation is a fully managed programme designed to deliver results. We can also help with individual components of the process, drawing on our specific skills.
Either way, we’ll work in harmony with your existing team and work collaboratively to achieve your demand-generation ambitions.
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Technology - Ingram Micro Cloud - Distributor

A destination for buyers and sellers of everything 'Cloud'

The IT sector has seen significant change over recent years, with traditional roles in the channel required to deliver extended services to be valuable to their eco-system.

The senior management team at Ingram Micro Cloud recognised this and set out to make a difference. Their vision? A destination for ‘Everything Cloud’. A single source of information and advice for buyers that includes access to the latest technologies and the best people to implement it.

With our help, they launched a community dedicated to direct customers, delivering issue and value based content in an impartial environment where buyers can engage on their own terms. At the same time it informs vendors and channel partners when the right time is to engage.

Technology - Ingram Micro - Distributor

Delivering more for Channel Partners

For Ingram Micro, their partner channel is critical to performance, providing the essential link to ever changing markets.

To ensure the continued wellbeing of this channel, the requirement was to strengthen performance through communities to meet the shifting IT landscape.

Through their programme, ENGAGE, we built a strategy that provided continual support, established communities to leverage greater value and added even more value to the Ingram Micro proposition.

IT Channel - MYREDFORT - impartial buyer community

A community hub for IT & Security buyers

This seller-neutral community site serves the technology interests of IT & Security buyers.  It offers them a place to find information at their own pace about topics that interest them most. Importantly it offers a place where they can take part in forums and share experiences with their peers. 

More than 60K senior professionals within SMB and Enterprise across multiple sectors, engage with us on a regular basis.

When combined with the rest of our service - Market Activation - it offers our vendor and partner customers to take a high-performing demand creation programme that drives and monitors lead progression and delivering the results and ROI they can't achieve elsewhere. Guaranteed.

Technology - SWCRC - Home Office backed service

Who would you call?

Cyber security plays a big part in our heritage as we've grown up supporting vendor, distributor and channel partner clients selling these technologies and services over the years.

Fast forward to when we met South West Cyber Resilience Centre at a customer event we organised. We were so impressed with the service they offer, we wanted to take it to as many businesses as we can.

A Home Office and Policing initiative, the SWCRC provide information, impartial advice, help and support to businesses facing the continual challenges relating to cyber crime. They are a not for profit organisation and their service is free.

We promote their service as a value-add to our MYREDFORT audience. We take the information they publish and distribute news and information on the latest threats, government initiatives and anything else that will be of interest to our IT and security buyer professional audience.

Technology - Cloud Clinic - buyer service

When help is needed with cloud computing

A service of Cloud Community, Cloud Clinic offers free, no obligation consultations across a number of trending issues facing IT buyers.

The sessions are promoted online in Cloud Community, through mailing campaigns and newsletters and with telemarketing, all resulting in impressive take-up that defied expectations.

The net result was highly engaged prospects hungry for more, an opportunity pipeline for multiple propositions and an audience promising valuable relationships for the longer term.

IT Channel - Paradise Computing

Sage advice for Sage partners

Sage experts, Paradise Computing, are one of the leading Sage cloud specialists, combining their vast Sage expertise with extensive cloud capabilities. Sounds great, but getting the message across to their Sage Partner peers, many of whom see them as direct competitors rather than a friendly ally, was a challenge.

We helped Paradise set up Sage Community which is a forum for Sage partners to share experiences, seek advice and work with experts where new skills are required.

By honest talking about the issues that mattered, Paradise were able to demonstrate how they could support Sage partner growth without threatening existing customer relationships.

IT Channel - Censornet - vendor with channel partners

Better together

Cut-through is essential for any brand and, in sectors like cyber security, the sheer number of security products makes this a real challenge.

Like many vendors, Censornet have vast amounts of wonderful content they make available to partners in the hope they will use it to drive their proposition.

The key is always to leverage partner channel relationships with prospects and customers, but if any of the components needed for successful lead generation are missing, programmes fail.

We guarantee success by ensuring all the rigour and perseverence needed in modern demand creation was sustained over months rather than weeks to build trust, authority and ultimately, engagement with buyers.

Only by using Market Activation™ with its rigorous lead progression techniques, co-branded Censornet content and in-depth reporting on buyer intent, could we jointly achieve levels of engagement they'd previously only dreamed of.

Result: A rich source of net new prospects and a healthy opportunity pipeline for partners at home and overseas!

IT Vendor - Bright Security

Shift left. Shift what?!

Bringing a new technology to market is never easy. Changing your name in the process makes it harder.

App security software vendor, Bright, entered the UK market as Neuralegion, with a new product and a new approach that challenged traditional practices between development and security teams.

Through Market Activation we delivered them nearly 10,000 new prospects, with over 50% engaging with Bright content and delivering around 2000 high-intent leads for the sales team.

Data, content, lead progression, reporting all included for approx £35/lead.

IT Channel - Core to Cloud

Turning ambition into reality

An example of how short term engagements can turn into longer term relationships, we stepped in at Core to Cloud as maternity cover.

An ambitious VAR with impressive growth targets, Core to Cloud had aggressive expectations we couldn’t fulfil without a level of planning and strategy.

Embracing our collective skills, we helped determine a new direction, planned how to extend reach and worked towards a strategy that was as much about performance as it was about the words.

IT Vendor - Data Interchange - vendor with channel

Be business ready and hit the ground running

Data Interchange were recruiting a new Marketing Director and needed interim support during the time it took to find the right person.

The remit was to be responsible for the communications strategy, manage a small team and take control of delivering the scheduled activity. This included building buyer personas, demand generation, content writing, digital marketing and events, as well as  keeping stakeholders updated.  

For them, the unexpected bonus was our in-depth knowledge of the channel so we were able to help contribute to building their 2-tier channel strategy.

IT Vendor - Libraesva

Making MDF work harder

As a vendor in the highly competitive email security sector, Libraesva knew they had a challenge making their MDF work hard enough.

They understood they needed to mount a strong attack on their more established competitors and raise brand awareness amongst target audiences.

We offered them a solution to both, providing everything needed for effective demand generation – campaign content and delivery from a centralised Martech environment that pushes nurtured leads straight to partner sales teams.

Effective. Accountable. Improved ROI.

Technology - Value My Stuff

From ‘Dragons Den’ to online expert

When Patrick van der Vorst won BBC’s Dragon’s Den, he knew he would need to find strong online partners to complement the great business input he’d get from Deborah Meadon and Theo Paphitis.

Now, ValueMyStuff is the global market leader for the online valuation of arts, antiques and just about anything else you can think of! website is a Touch production and we helped Patrick turn his wonderful vision into a compelling customer experience.

Hospitality - Take a Seat

Making fans more part of the game

Engaging directly with fans is a serious challenge for football’s top associations and organisations.

With audiences expecting far more interaction and engagement, UEFA decided it was time for a change and encouraged national associations to build direct links to their supporters.

Our vision was Take A Seat – a place where fans can join in with a wider football community, to share their comments and express their views.

Arts Products - Winsor & Newton

Paint the Town Red

With thousands of arts products, from their famous Series 7 brush to the latest pigment markers, ensuring brand integrity is no small concern for leading arts manufacturer, Winsor & Newton.

Part of ColArt, Winsor & Newton is one of seven global brands who’ve used OneTouch to manage packaging workflow globally.

With OneTouch, they can Paint the Town Red, safe in the knowledge that every product is packaged to exacting standards and ‘On Brand’.

Technology - Draper Tools

Putting a spanner in the works

The hand tool sector has changed a lot since Bert Draper started selling government surplus stock back in 1919.

By 2016, the growth of eCommerce, DIY and retail ‘sheds’ had taken its toll on the Draper brand, so we drilled into the business and found that most of their sales still came from the original core Draper products.

The 2016 Draper Tools Catalogue represented our vision for putting tools and the Draper Brand back at the heart of the business.

Technology - Dentsu Aegis

Wish you were here!

Helping attract new home buyers is a constant task for Dentsu Aegis agency, Carat Manchester.

Working with a leading house builder with 27 divisions and up to 150 new home developments at any time, you can just imagine the number of briefs, emails, conversations and confirmations passing between agency and client each week.

Our OneTouch workflow automation product helps streamline media workflow, ease communication and ensure greater clarity.

Greater control, faster delivery, better efficiency – who could wish for more.

Hospitality - Pubs on Wheels

It’s your shout

The growing demand to constantly stay in touch was the catalyst for Pubs on Wheels, an event marketing business that combines a place for socialising and clever social marketing.

With its own app for ordering drinks and getting discounts, advertisers were free to message audiences, promote services and drive trade.

Features include SMS and emails, realtime content editing, CRM and event reporting, all supported by OneTouch workflow automation. So, even if you were unlucky enough not to attend, you could still get your message across at any event.

Education - Digital Futures

Addressing diversity and digital futures

There’s nothing more satisfying than to help young people achieve their dreams and we were fortunate to be
a part of this new digital recruitment launch.

Digital Futures is an alternative to university education, helping young people from diverse backgrounds to train and work in the digital sector, without the prohibitive fees that so often become a barrier.

Our contribution to this rewarding concept was, a place where different audiences can come together, share experiences, create opportunity and build futures.

Management Consultancy - Steve Walker

A very personal point of view

Steve Walker was the first to acknowledge that he had an opinion. He’d ex[pressed his opinion throughout his business career, which culminated in the building of a leading global logistics business.

Steve believed his opinion was valuable and that he could help other business leaders by sharing the many challenges he’d faced over his career.

So, how do you build a brand around such a strong character?

Environmental Services - Green Squares

Finding the right lifestyle balance

Every minute, an area larger than 14 football pitches is destroyed through deforestation, reducing the earths precious resources at an alarming rate.

Green Squares is an initiative that gives businesses a chance to make a real difference, with each square they buy saving a square foot of rain forest for a whole year.

But, as we’ve seen, driving climate change is no easy sell.

We created a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy to appeal to business, resonate with consumers and, ultimately, help save our planet.

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